things to live for…we should all have a few…

live /liv/

verb – remain alive

There are many things that are important to me. Some are random like the color coordination of my cardigans in my closet, requesting the removal of shoes immediately after anyone who enters my home, and never allowing the comforter on a hotel bed to touch my skin. These things are important but I realize they don’t necessarily give me life and keep me moving. If a cardigan is out of place, I’ll survive. If someone doesn’t remove their shoes (my grandmother never does) I’ll pull out the swifter and go over my floors when they leave. If my skin happens to touch the comforter on a hotel bed, I’ll take a quick shower. All is well.

The older I get the more I realize what makes my world go round. I can best describe it in three words… Live. Love. Laugh.

Live. I try each day to live the best life I can. Do I always succeed? Nope. Not really but I try. I remind myself every morning to…

Live. In the moment.

Live. As if there is no tomorrow.

Live. A life you can be proud of.

Live. Without fear.

Live. For your beliefs.

Live. With a clear conscious.

Live. For the memories.

Live. With compassion.

Live. For the lessons learned.

Live. For self-awareness.

Live. For forgiveness.

Live. With integrity.

Live. Your truths.

Live. For the melody in your heart.

Live. To live.

Live. To love.

Live. To laugh.