all you need is love, right?

Love /ləv/

Noun – an intense feeling of deep affection
Verb – Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to

Love. I LOVE to love. I’ll say that time and time again. I’ve always thought love is such a strong word with the potential to have a powerful impact. To feel it is amazing. To say it can be life changing. To hear it from someone can complete you. I’ll never stop myself from loving something or someone out of fear. There’s always a lesson at the end of everything. I love so many things. I’ll get into my love(life) in a later post… or two, or three or how ever many it takes… For now, here are just a few of my loves…

Love. My family and friends.

Love. My smile.

Love. The sound of rain.

Love. The smell of roses.

Love. All things yellow.

Love. The sound of children laughing.

Love. A great hug.

Love. Brownie sundaes.

Love. Living with no regrets.

Love. A good joke.

Love. Sleeping in my bed.

Love. Shoes. (preferably with heels)

Love. The smell of a baby. (A clean baby)

Love. My big ass front teeth.

Love. To laugh so hard I cry and my stomach hurts. (ab workout)

Love. My body.

Love. Ice cold beer.

Love. Thanksgiving.

Love. To sing loud in the car.

Love. To run. (Note to self: get going and get out there again)

Love. Music…all music.

Love. Seeing a stranger smile just because I said hello.

Love. Who I am.

Love. To live.

Love. To love.

Love. To laugh.