laugh through the b.s. too…it feels better

Laugh /laf/

verb – make the spontaneous sounds and movement of the face body that are instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of contempt or derision.
noun – an act of laughing.

Life has its ebbs and flows, for sure. When things are great, smiles and laughter are constant and easy to push out. It’s always easy to laugh when life is good…when love is great. If you look around at people walking in the city, at dinner, in the car beside you at a stoplight…you can easily tell who’s happy and who isn’t. Poor body language and Blank stares. vs. Smiles and handholding. It’s obvious. I love to people watch for that reason. Happy people make me happy. It rubs off on me in an instant.

The tricky thing about laughing is learning how to laugh when things aren’t so great. You know…when shit has hit the fan and you’re sad or pissed off. It’s a skill that takes years to master, but believe me it feels amazing! After the tears are dried up or, perhaps, during the actual “storm” laughter can make it all better.  Trust me, I’ve laughed through tears many, many times. Once I laugh at something someone said, a memory, or just the realization that the situation wasn’t worthy of my tears…that pang of pain I once felt weakens. It goes from horrible to… EHHH… Life could be worse.

In order for me to live the life I want to live and love the people and things I want to love, I’ve got to laugh through the ebbs AND the flows. You see, it’s not live, love, laugh…. It’s laugh, love, live. Nothing is what it could be, what it should be if you can’t laugh about it.

So, LOL, HAHAHA, BWAHAHAHA, and LYAO to any and everything because YOLO. You’ll feel much better…