because people want to know what I’m thinking about…

It’s really not that deep, really. My thoughts are so random throughout the day. Oftentimes, people think I’m cooking up a master plan to take over the world. Not really… Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely got a plan but that’s not all I think about. So, here’s to all who want to know what goes on in the mind of the Kabmater… Well, let me be clear. This is what was on my mind this morning.  My random thoughts all before my day really got going. (Yes, I wrote them down. No, not while driving… I recorded myself in a memo) I’m that thorough.

I don’t want to get up.
It’s so dark out.
Another random shooting?
How many more people are gonna randomly shoot up a mall, school, or airport before something changes?
I should blog about that.
I’m thirsty.
I need to try a new toothpaste.
Come on hot water.
My eyes are red.
I miss him.
Damn, what am I gonna wear to work?
I don’t feel like steaming a shirt.
Why do I take stuff to the cleaners just for them to give it back wrinkled?
Did that really happen or was I dreaming?
I hate wearing suits.
I’m still thirsty.
Is that a bruise?
I need to gain some weight.
I’ve got to run to Target after work.
I’m thirsty.
I really don’t feel like wearing mascara today.
I forgot how much I like this suit!
Hey, I’m kinda cute…
I miss watching Oprah at 4 everyday.
Is it really 38 degrees out?!
I need a garage ASAP!
Damn, it’s cold out here.
I miss him…
I’m still thirsty.
Leather seats look good…period.
I wonder what Beyoncé looks like when she wakes up.
Fcuking traffic!!
I hate traffic.
I really need to blog about this.
Why do I always end up behind a smart car?
I hate smart cars!
He’s so cute.
I sing really well when the music is loud.
I can’t sing.
Damn, I never grabbed that water.
I’m soooo thirsty.
Stuck in the tunnel is creepy.
This isn’t cool.
I love this song.
I wonder where they are headed in that car.
Please don’t make small talk security guard guy.
We aren’t friends.
Did I lock my car door?
Walk faster.
Hit door close.
No stops Mr. Elevator.
Hey there reflection in the elevator door.
Where’d I put my badge?
Damn, it’s cold in here too.
I’m hungry and thirsty now.
Why do I have 118 emails since 430 yesterday?

See, not that exciting… Very random. I’ll never share my plan to take over the world so don’t expect me to. Keep reading though… you’ll hear about it when I do.