this is why i’m still single… (that is, if you are wondering…)

Today, as I waited at a restaurant for a friend to arrive, I was asked why I am still single.  The conversation went like this…

Me : Ask him, and him, oh and him… Wait! Can’t forget about him.

The Guy: One of the “hims” needs to man up.

Me: Too late for those guys. The right one will come along one day.

The Guy: I hope so because it will be a shame if one doesn’t. I don’t know you but I’m good at spotting quality and you are beyond that. You carry yourself well. Very classy.

Me: Thanks. I try. I’m patient. No worries here. In time. One day.

A very short conversation with a stranger… For the record, he was married. LOL! I thought it was true to form for me though.  That’s the question I get ALL the time.  Married men always ask why I’m single. Single guys ask why I’m single. I ask why I’m single. I guess the answer to everyone, including myself, is simple…

I have standards and will never compromise who I am for a ring. I don’t want to live miserably ever after. I don’t want to dread the site of my spouse. I don’t want to regret making a lifelong commitment to someone I truly can’t imagine giving my life to. I don’t want to go into a marriage knowing it’s not going to last or just because “my biological clock is ticking” and getting married will put that baby in my arms… I’m not that type of woman.  I’ve got too much to offer to approach marriage like that.

Here’s what I want…  I DO want my own version of happily ever after. I DO want my spouse to be my best friend. I DO want to cherish the decision of forever. I don’t think that’s too much to ask or to want.  I’m a dramatic person but very simple when it comes to love and relationships.  So I wait…

I’ll wait patiently until the time is right. I’m okay with that. I know my time will come and I truly believe I will know when my time has arrived as it is happening.

Soooooooo!!!  Here’s to all the other 30 something women out there who aren’t married but want to be… If you want it, it’s gonna happen. Don’t give up or give in. Don’t compromise your integrity. Patience is key. In time. One day. It will happen!