because everything isn’t always peachy…

So, here’s a short list of random things I hate. I know hate is a strong word but these are truly things that get under my skin and bother me when I’m in the vicinity of them.  Don’t judge me, I’m sure you’ve got a list too.  I’m just bold enough to say it…LOL!!  Here we go!

Smart cars
Rain during winter
Seeing food breakdown in someone’s mouth while they eat
Women who stretch out clothes in stores they know they can’t fit
Smart mouthed kids
Scary movies
Leaving Starbucks before taking a sip to make sure my drink was made correctly
Long lines
Talking during a movie
Going to watch something on my DVR only to discover it didn’t record
Insecure men
Fake flowers
Popcorn stuck in my teeth
Getting the middle seat on a flight
Poor customer service
Burning my tongue when I sip a hot beverage
Biting my tongue or mouth
Bad parenting
People who walk in the bike lane and don’t move when I yell LEFT!!!

That is all for now.  Just a few things to put out there as I begin to focus on all things I am thankful for this week.