because we all need a lifeguard…


Who really knows what that means until they are faced with challenges, let downs, broken hearts, and unknowns…

Ever since high school there has been one friend who has ALWAYS been there. He has never sugar-coated his words, never tried to protect me from the truth. His sincerity has taught me the importance of honesty. His integrity has taught me the importance of staying true to myself. His consistency has taught me to become my dreams. His unconditional love and support has taught me the true value of friendship. I am thankful to have such a great friend and extension of support beyond my family.

Cheers to you my dearest friend! You have without a doubt played an integral part in the woman I have become. Your genuine thoughts and kind spirit always make me feel safe. Your ability to speak the truth without judgement allows me to be me.  You always show up when I need you most, often without me saying a word.  You just know.  You know my heart. You know my fears…although you’d rather me be fearless. You know my truth. You will forever be my friend, my Bruce Wayne. You are my safe place to go when I feel lost.  You are my lifeguard.  You are home to me.

My wish is that if one day I have a daughter that she will be fortunate enough to find a friend like you. That she will trust someone with her innermost thoughts the way I have with you. That she will experience true friendship they way I have with you.  That she will have the opportunity to see her growth over the years through the eyes of her friend and understand what it means to unconditionally love someone the way I love you and you love me.  That she will know the importance of unspoken words and the power behind just being there the way I have with you and you for me.

Never judging, always thoughtful. Forever connected.

…the way I am with you.