give a little…

have you ever gone out of your way to help a family member, friend, or stranger and they didn’t say thank you or show any signs of gratitude?  remember that time you let a friend borrow money with the promise of them repaying you two days later only for those two days to come and go with you having to ask for your money back?  do you remember how you felt after realizing they weren’t thankful and made you feel like you were asking to borrow money from THEM when you asked for YOUR money back?

yeah, well if you don’t, i definitely do.  most recently, i went out of my way for a “friend” who did each of those things I just mentioned.  with that came tons of attitude, disrespectful words, and name calling.  at one point, i was being questioned on whether or not I was a true friend.  to think this person had the audacity to question ME when i went above and beyond the call of friendship just to be treated like i was the one asking for something that didn’t belong to me.  initially, i was upset and really didn’t want to have anything to do with this person but because of my generosity, i have no choice but to communicate, at a minimum, with this person for some time to come.  so, i decided to take the high road, address my issues, and keep it moving.

at the end of the day, my actions only speak to who i am as a person.  i am, by default, a very kind and giving person.  some people tend to think that makes me weak, which i’m certain that person thought, but i’ve learned that it only makes me stronger.  it takes a strong person to give to another person. why? simply because there is always a possibility of the receiver not being thankful, just as i experienced. there’s always a possibility of the receiver becoming disrespectful and not appreciative, just as i experienced.  there is always a possibility of getting nothing in return…not even a thank you or sorry for being an ass when you did something to help me…  i accept that.  i can’t spend my time worrying about why people are the way they are. i can only be me and be the best at it.

i’m saying all of this to say… if you’ve ever done something for someone and got burned don’t let that one person stop you from giving. we give because we want to help people. we give to make a difference. we give to let people know someone cares. we give because it is what we were taught to do as children.  i will continue to give because it’s in my heart to give back and support people who need it. will i get burned again, probably so, but i know my purpose for giving and that alone encourages me to do so.

life is all about paying it forward.  i’m not rich but i’ve got a heart of gold and the only way the world will ever truly know is through my actions.  so, i give a little here and there. it makes me happy and let’s me know all is well in my world.