…because i’ve got too much on my mind NOT to write about it

it’s been way too long since my last post. yeah, i know. maybe i’m a slacker at times. maybe i’ve been too busy living to sit down and finish a post. maybe i’ve been procrastinating on writing because i know i’ve got more to say than i wish to admit. truths? it’s a little bit of each of those things.

there’s a lot going on in my world. well, there’s always a lot going on which, honestly, is why i don’t post as often as i should. that’s really no excuse but it is what it is. i want to share some of it but i know if i write about the people in my life i need to make sure my words aren’t misunderstood. there’s someone i’d like to write about but i’m protective of those i care the most about so i definitely need think long and hard about pushing out a post specifically about this person… and make sure my words are understood prior to posting them. there’s a lot to this blog stuff. it’s not as easy as it may seem to sit and type thoughts on a laptop and push it out to the masses. it’s a pretty big deal.

anyway, i’ve got a ton on my mind today. so much so that i feel restless. my ears are ringing nonstop. my thoughts are all over the place. i’m hella stressed and uncertain about several things that matter… some may say i’m at a crossroads. some may look at my life and think i’m being dramatic. i really don’t care what anyone thinks at this point. i’m going to take a moment and put myself first for a change. let me start by unloading all the bullshit and random things on my mind…

  • will summer ever get here?
  • i wish i could have a minute of silence
  • i’m tired of thinking
  • what really happened in the elevator with jay-z, solange, and beyonce?
  • i have way too many clothes
  • this migraine is giving me hell today
  • my fingers are cold
  • i’m thirsty
  • does he really know how i feel?
  • i’d give everything i have to stop my ears from ringing
  • i wonder if michael jackson would have okay’d the sirius radio station that only plays his music
  • it would be great if people actually kept their word for once
  • i really like owls
  • i think i give too much
  • reality television is saturating the minds of society
  • this damn ringing in my ears is annoying the hell out of me
  • does he really appreciate me?
  • please, please, please let may 27th happen as planned
  • i wonder what it feels like to know there’s someone in your life who would go above and beyond for you with or without having to ask
  • i have no idea what i’m going to wear to work tomorrow
  • there’s so much to do between now and the first of the month

you know what else? i’m definitely feeling a little underappreciated by a few people in my life at the moment. so much so that i think maybe i give too much and because of that i’m taken for granted. who knows the reason. i just know it isn’t a good feeling…

until next time!