…all i need is one mic

Note: I like to post open letters from time to time. These letters are specifically for the individual and no one else.  The words in these letters are my most sincere feelings during my writing process.  Who knows how long I’ll actually feel what write…all I know is this is how I feel right now…today…in this moment.  Tomorrow, next week, next month…who knows. I just know that TODAY I felt the need to write this.  UmmmmKay?  Just saying…

To The Man I Met With A Mic In Hand:

First, I just want you to know that I truly enjoy having you in my life. There are so many things that I enjoy about you. So many things about who you are that I find intriguing… While there are many things I enjoy, it’s all the little things you do that have truly pulled me in your direction. It’s the way you insist on walking on the sidewalk closet to traffic when we are in the city, how you reach over and rub my back or leg when we’re watching a movie or something on tv, the way you grab me to give me kisses, how you simply pay attention to my body language and immediately know if something is bothering me…even when I deny it.

I’ve taken a great deal of time to think through “US” and what that means. I initially thought it was a bit complicated but as time has passed, I’ve realized that this is the most uncomplicated situation I’ve allowed myself to be in. You have shown me what I’ve always known to be true but never experienced. Yeah, I have a lot to say about all of this but some of my thoughts should be said to you …not by you reading it (if you happen to actually read my posts) along with whoever else finds interest in my thoughts and words…

You. You have no idea. You can’t understand what a breath of fresh air you have been to me. Your words of encouragement, your infectious laugh, your ability to make a bad day better, your approach and dedication to following your dreams, and your honesty and display of humility as you work to accomplish your dreams is contagious and I feel blessed to be around to see it all unfold. You’ve reminded me about the importance of just living and letting life happen. You’ve motivated me to do things that I love and had forgotten or pushed aside to do things not as rewarding…thank you.

I. I get lost in every moment. When I am with you nothing else matters. When I hear from you my attention immediately shifts and your words become my focus. I want nothing but the best for you and I know in my heart that your level of success will be limitless. I think about you and how you have come into my life and it makes me smile because I know life happens on purpose…never by chance but because it was written that way. I am many things and I know I can be a handful at times but I’ve got an honest heart and I hope you can see that among the many things that have shaped me into the woman I am.

We. We are so many things. We have a connection that I can’t describe with one word. It’s warmth. It’s laughter. It’s creative. It’s comfort. It’s honest. It’s a ton of things and I could go on and on with descriptive words but I’m sure you know what I’m saying… We have a foundation that’s solid because we have the ability to communicate…even if one of us is upset. …we are (thankfully) able to communicate through those moments. We have a connection that is unexplainable and I often see people looking at us as we laugh at random things or just one of our inside jokes when we are out and about.

I don’t know what the future holds but I hope it is open… I hope you are open to the possibilities of what can be because I know whatever it is, it will be great. I know without a doubt that there’s nothing in the world we can’t do if we put our heads together and that’s a pretty big deal. I truly think that the possibilities are endless. I trust you more and more each day. I know you’ll eventually trust me enough to see all of the things I see. I believe that… Time will prevail and I’m certain all will be well. So, until then…I wait.

Patiently. I will patiently wait for you to let down your guard…that huge wall…brick by brick, stone by stone because there’s no way I can ever let this thing with you and I become a “what if”… There are some things in life we have to approach with a “see it through” mentality and this is definitely one of them. So…I’m patiently and understandably waiting. I’ll just enjoy our time together as you toss those bricks that have made that massive wall around you to the side one-by-one.

When you toss that last brick, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with who you see standing in front of you because I am, after all… the final act, the curtain call.

until next time folks…