…an open letter to self-proclaimed social media super models (yes, that’s sarcasm)

Dear 20-something girl posting damn near nude pics on social media:

What the hell are you doing? Do you ever plan to have a legit job or will you pursue your “modeling” career til the end of days? I mean, have you considered the fact that social media posts and thousands of followers doesn’t equal success in the real world? NEWS FLASH!!! Taking ass and barely there pics doesn’t make you a star OR model. It will actually make you a horrible job candidate when that ass begins to sag and your “modeling” career ends. You see technology is your forever friend and all those pics you post will ALWAYS be there. Let’s hope your future child doesn’t try to find pics of you using some sort of facial recognition software for a school project 10 or so years from now. Just think of all the nonsense he or she will find by simply typing your name into a search engine. How will you explain your lack of respect for yourself and your body to him or her? Yeah, yeah, yeah…you respect yourself and are more secure with who you are than most woman, right? That’s what you think, right? Here’s the thing, there’s NO way that’s true simply because your daily display of barely there pics to generate followers and “likes” is a pure indication that you seek validation from men (and women) who are giving you attention because of your body.

Do you sleep better at night knowing someone “liked” your pic or that some random guy complimented you…not on your accomplishments (if any) but your body? Have you ever thought about who those mystery guys are, if they have families, if they are criminals, or if they are in relationships? No, right? …because that’s not your responsibility to have concern for stuff like that. You post pics on your page because you have a career and that’s the way you book jobs, right? I got it. No, I really don’t. I don’t get it but I hope at some point you will think about what you’re doing and how much a picture can and will impact your future. What’s even worse is that it’s not just one pic out there it’s several…hundreds or even thousands. It easy to explain a few pics as “a crazy idea my friends and I had on a Friday night” but not hundreds or thousands. That’s pretty impossible.

I’m sure you may think I’m writing this because I’m some old lady who only wishes to post such pics of myself. Not hardly. I’m not anywhere near old lady but I am someone who has the desire to be great in this world. I want my career to continue on its course and I want to expand on the success I have made over the years. You see, I keep my “ASSets” private and never share with the public. I don’t do this just for a job but for me, myself, and my future. I document my life in pictures as well. I just don’t put everything I do or my body on display for the world to see. Less is always more. Respect is always necessary and I demand that from everyone I come in contact with. There’s no way I can demand respect or be taken seriously if I’m constantly exposing myself on social media. I choose respect…

Take my word… Life has a way of catching up to you. Those pics you’ve saturated your social media pages with will catch up to you. That dream job will be given to the other candidate. You can’t possibly expect a potential employer to feel comfortable with you in their office after researching who you are and seeing those pics you posted “years ago” because they won’t. …and I’m pretty sure you’ll remember this post after you are passed over for several jobs… GET IT TOGETHER and COVER UP!

You can thank me now…

…oh, and clean up your house (or bedroom in your momma’s house) the next time you decide to take a selfie, K?